Mobile Application Developer

Nazar: Astrology & Horoscope

With Nazar App, you can find interesting answers to your cosmic questions unusually. Nazar app does not just offer you daily horoscope reviews and horoscope compatibility like other astrology apps. Unlike others, he can only give you reliable astrological interpretations and inferences based on your choices. With Point of you, you can make your day more meaningful with an interesting word, an interesting question sentence, and interesting comment.

JeoAtlas: Geological Location Inventory

Geology is a science that tries to understand the processes operating on the surface and deep of the Earth we live on, the materials that make up the Earth, and how the Earth has changed over billions of years. JeoAtlas is a platform that will enable the sharing of the records of these processes and changes in the earth between Geological Engineers and people who are trying to get to know and understand nature, curious and interested.

CalendART: Subliminal AI Diary (Mood Tracker & Bullet Journal)

CalendART App is a new generation artificial intelligence-supported bullet journal & mood tracker. First of all, you should examine the photos in different compositions, different colors, different concepts, and different objects that we have specially selected for you. Match it with just one of these photos, thinking about the day you want to set your mood. That's all. Then we analyze this photo for you with the support of artificial intelligence and present you the results.

Arithmio: Mathematical Hide & Seek Game

Search and find game prepared for preschool children; There are 5 items hidden in eight different themes: space, sea, vehicles, fruits, shapes, forest, farm, expressions. The Arithmio App game is beyond a simple search hiden items game. It aims to make use of the objects included in the concepts created for children in terms of noticing the relationship with the concept, attention development and arithmetic development.

Kidity: Road Trip & Home Play for Middle Childhood (4-9)

Kidity App, contains more than 2000 events, questions, activities, challenges and more that fit in six main categories. It is designed to go along with you on your travel, dinner conversations or elsewhere on your free time with your children.

Mood Connect: Diary, Journal, Emotion, Self-Care

Wouldn't you like to keep a micro diary in just 5 seconds without writing a single word? Choose the date. Choose your daily mood. Then select and save the quality sleep, eating healty, hygiene, hobbies, and socializing. Keeping a micro diary is that easy!

Filmzy: Best Family Movie Recommendations for Kids

Looking for the best movies for kids? With the endless list of TV and movie options out there, it’s hard to pick a flick that the whole family will love (you included!). Well, bicker no more. From The Ice Age to E.T., we’ve made the decision-making easy with a definitive list of must-see kids movies for children under 10. So let’s get that family movie night started!