Geological Location Inventory

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JeoAtlas: Geological Location Inventory

JeoAtlas is a web and mobile application project for professional promotion of TMMOB Chamber of Geological Engineers ─░zmir Branch.

Geology is a science that tries to understand the processes operating on the surface and deep of the Earth we live on, the materials that make up the Earth, and how the Earth has changed over billions of years. And Geology has been interested in subjects that have been wondered by everyone throughout history, and beyond being an engineering discipline, it has formed an important part of cultural life.

JeoAtlas is a platform that will enable the sharing of the records of these processes and changes in the earth between Geological Engineers and people who are trying to get to know and understand nature, curious and interested.

On this platform, information on all kinds of geological materials related to the earth will be shared. In this way, the curious and interested people will be able to easily access records of important geological materials, which we define as geolocation, such as location, geological information, photographs.

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